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  • Cheap and affordable software applications to meet industrial and individual needs.
  • Full admin control over the apps, any new integration with easy modification structure at any point of time.
  • Thin client system purchase, integration and deployment on behalf of client with no extra charges.
  • Documentation and full tutorials to the operator(s) about how to use and run the software with no additional expenses.
  • 24x7 support and response to any kind of need or support by our support team.
  • Fully secured application software with verification code controlled by server which is activated via internet or sms.
  • CD/DVD software application for educational portals or learning centers, entertainment zones and many others using flash with copy protection feature.
  • Account Payroll software, accounting management software, employee management system, work flow management system for start up, medium and large corporate companies, firms or even organizations.
  • Hospital management system, hotel management system, retail management system, inventory control and many more.
  • Customized softwares like parental control softwares, user tracking softwares and many more hardware specific integrated softwares.
  • Local server deployment along with desktop apps or softwares with or without thin client technology.
  • Integration with web apps and server for files and data updation either at selected intervals or 24hrs depending upon internet speed and connection as and when required.
  • Desktop softwares or applications according to user need and requirement using languages python or dot net.

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Website Designing Web Hosting Website Development
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