Database Development

Have optimized & normalized database, Keep your data secured!


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  • Flexibility in choosing database that fits your organizational or business or individual purpose.
  • Normalized tables providing you no data redundancy and no large tables to maintain unnecessarily.
  • Professional team consisting of oracle certified associates, professionals and experts providing the best solution.
  • Effective querying database with faster results leading to faster web apps or software applications.
  • Easy migration from one database to another database in no time and with no data loss retaining the exact table structure & schema.
  • All data back-ups stored in dvd's and are delivered to the client at the end of each month/year according to client's need.
  • Any database development or maintenance tasks on popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and MS SQL.
  • Setting up database schema, creating tables and making normalized tables.
  • Data and structural transfers from one database to another. Large amount of data input by our data entry operators.
  • Database security by table locking and coding against data alterations.
  • Dynamic data check and sanitization by triggers, stored procedures and routines.
  • Database maintenance and data back-up done 24x7 with user control.

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