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Massive publicity through SMS, reach any type of mass!


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  • Cheap and afforable bulk SMS gateway for any kind of business or individual need.
  • Promotional SMS accessible by all Non-DND users and transactional SMS accessible by both Non-DND & DND users.
  • Easy server set up with integration to any application in no time with full admin control.
  • No mandatory monthly or yearly recharge.
  • Bulk SMS gateway to be used standalone or integrated with web apps or software applications.
  • Both promotional and transactional gateway available for any publicity and transaction purposes respectively.
  • Special SMS panel enabling admin to send SMS to many numbers all at once.
  • SMS credit of 10,000 or more available with LIFETIME validity.

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Social Media Optimization Bulk E-mail Promotion Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization Bulk E-mail Promotion Search Engine Optimization
SMO integrates your website with all major social networking websites and promotes your website, makes you a brand. All developmental tools integrated in your website. Bulk e-mail gateway by which you can reach all your customers all at once for both promotional or informational purposes. Targeted emails to specific customers. SEO leading your website to the top of the search engine results of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. More traffic means more customers.
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  Web Analytics Blog & Forum Postings  
  Web Analytics Blog & Forum Postings  
  Detailed health report of your website. The amount & kind of traffic, browser details, search engine details and many more enabling you to recognize your crowd. Meta data contents, blog contents and forum contents and responses to questions, posts, follow up posts and replies for your website to gain traffic and impression.  
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