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Company Profile

Established in 1996, currently employing 15 people with an annual turnover of £2.250 million. Taking great pride in being a family owned and run business, with the ability to out run the larger corporate competitors due to our flexibility and the fact that we are closer to "reality".

Everything we sell is aimed at reducing component costs for the customer via productivity gains, we probably provide the most expensive products to buy per litre on the market but we can substantiate our claims to be the best in brand supported by the highest possible service. During trials, if we cannot demonstrate significant cost savings for the customer we give them their money back.

Health & Safety is also a very good button to push as the UK HSE enforces very strict legislation towards the management & control of cutting fluids. We are a very driven business, enthusiastic about what and how we conduct our business, not just profit driven but also we are extremely morally correct when it comes to dealing with our staff, customers and our suppliers.

Technical Partners

Providing us with all aircraft parts along with the spare products, used in fighter planes, aviation industry and much more.
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Our one of the proud partners where they rely on our products and we, on their support. Services and maintenance being its part.
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High wings ! Our technical partner in our aviation filed. Now stepped into fighter jets and choppers.
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